Wifi Network

We rely on our home networks a lot more now than we ever have in the past. In the average american home, you’re likely to find a TV that has Ethernet or Wi-Fi network functionality, a Blu-ray player with similar functionality, Netflix, Hulu, or other media streaming service, and at least one laptop and/or tablet. In addition to that, you may also find a networked printer, Xbox, PlayStation, and some socially awkward kid in the basement playing Fortnight on his gaming computer along with the other 100+ games he downloaded from Steam.

Because of the devices and tasks we perform on our home networks, the two biggest factors to take into account is speed and security. Today, there’s a number of options that will give you the blazing speed and the tight security that you demand, and deserve. Contact us to find out more about getting the perfect network solution for your home.

There’s some great information that can be found for securing your wireless network.